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Restorative Series
Anatomy For Implant Dentists
by Terry T. Tanaka, D.D.S.
(50 minutes)

This videotape/CD-Rom was performed by Dr. Tanaka on fresh cadaver specimens and was made to help both the dentist and surgeon better understand the underlying anatomy involved in the placement and retention of dental implants. The dissections of the maxilla are meticulously and carefully performed to preserve delicate structures such as the sinus membrane and thin buccal plate of bone of the maxillary sinus. 3-dimensional bone models made from the C.T.s demonstrate the superficial anatomy and the thickness of the bone around planned implant sites. Sections through the maxilla and mandible demonstrate the quality of the supporting bone (internal matrix) and provide insight into the probable longevity of the dental implants. Everyone who fabricates distal extension removable partial dentures or complete dentures must see the dissections of the floor of the mouth, (the mylohyoid muscle), the tongue and of the internal matrix of the mandible. Several specific dissections demonstrate (1) the anterior loop of the inferior alveolar artery that continues anterior to the mental foramen 5-8 mm, and access for bone grafting procedures.


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