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TMJ & Anatomy Series
Dissections Of The Head, Neck And TMJ

by Terry T. Tanaka, D.D.S.
(49 minutes)

Fresh cadaver dissections are the best means of demonstrating anatomical material because they are able to demonstrate structures in their true state, without preserving artifacts. The dissections start at the superficial layers and proceed deeper into the subcutaneous fat and fascia demonstrating the vessels and nerves. The parotid gland and parotid duct are seen superficial to the elevator muscle, the superficial masseter. Each of the elevator muscles (temporalis and medial pterygoids) are dissected and the action of each is explained. The question of whether one can palpate the lateral pterygoid muscle is also demonstrated. Dissections of the temporomandibular joint demonstrate the upper and lower joint compartments, the disc and its attachments, and a variety of disc perforations and adhesions. Most importantly, the clinical implications of each of these perforations and adhesions on mandibular function is explained. The dissections of the submandibular triangle and the neck provide insight into the etiology of neck space infections and cervical function. Of greatest importance is the realization for the clinician that these muscles of the neck can and will affect mandibular function. This is most vividly seen in patients with referred pain from these structures to the face affecting jaw closure patterns and affecting tooth contacts.


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